Hi I'm Ben

Munro Leagues

League results calculator which makes it easy for organisers by accepting many different results formats and solving common mistakes. With fast-loading results with search and sort capabilities, it powers leagues across the UK, with over 420 events and 25,000 results.

Neural Search on Modern Consumer Devices

My fourth-year university project investigated if changes in modern processor designs, such as unified memory and neural accelerators can be used in consumer devices (such as Apple's M1) to improve the performance of dense information retrieval tasks using neural networks.


My programming language, a reference counted bytecode interpreter written in Rust. A small dynamic kind of functional language, complete with a linter, formatter and typechecker.

Orienteering Games

A selection of mini-games created over lockdown to test your navigational and map reading abilities. Created for the Lockdown Orienteering competitions, and have been played thousands of times.